Revving Up To Apply To Grad School

This year has been filled with new adventures. Whether it be living on my own, taking a graduate level seminar, or even most recently taking a spontaneous trip to Toronto. All of these experiences have helped me learn to grab the bull by the horn and take advantage of every opportunity presented to me. What I cannot forget  is my major purpose for the year, which is to solidly transition into an independent life and apply for graduate school.

The former was my major focus of the first part of the year as I learned to adapt to living on campus and looking after my own needs. After twenty seven years of being able to depend on a parent or attendant to help me with those needs, it was (as embarrassing as it sounds) quite the challenge to get used to.

The latter though has been my most recent focus as November is upon us and graduate application deadlines are on the near horizon. At the same time however, I am also learning (there’s that word again) to manage my classwork, in this case finish a final paper.

The difficulty for me going into this project was to find a subject I felt passionate enough about to write a strong paper on. Being a graduate level class, my classmates and I were encouraged to relate our papers to our major thesis or MRE topics. However, since I am not yet in a graduate program I am not entirely certain about what my thesis is (or could be) about.

This thought was quite intimidating at first although after a recent discussion with my current professor, he helped me work out the idea that I could use this paper as a jump-start for my research proposal in my grad school application. Therefore, I have chosen to write this paper on how a historian does not need to depend upon the book as a physical entity for sources in order to be a successful historian.

In order to do so I am hoping to draw upon sources from my thesis last year as well as some new ones on historians who have utilized oral histories as well as historical film for their major sources. Wish me luck…

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