Progression… Slowly But Surely

I have now looked through more of the conversation and it is interesting to be reminded of the topics that were discussed. for example, and whether or not it is ok for someone to profit off of information that we are allowed to access publicly.  They just benefit though by making this information more accessible.

This is becoming a major concern of the conversation.  Who tracks the location of this information, or any information like it for that matter, once it is released on to the internet. Is it a bad thing to profit off of it? Or is this just a way of making the information more to those who don’t know how to get at it via other means?

Listening to it again is a great deal of fun and will move it on to Overview soon but was having difficulty getting my file uploaded today for some reason.  I will have to take a closer look, it will probably turn out to be something minute like last time but we shall see.

Until next time…

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