Data Day Poster

Over the past few days I have been working on a poster to take part in Carleton University’s “Data Day” on Thursday. The Carleton University website describes “Data Day” as being a celebration of strategic development in the Data Sciences. The event includes a panel discussion and presentations by Carleton experts from a number of faculties.

At the event there will be a poster fair to showcase student research using Data Science. I will be participating in this part of the day by making a poster that summarizes my project for the George Garth Graham Research Fellowship.

The poster includes information on the research question that I am answering, and where I got the information to gather the data. In addition, I describe how the data mining program that I am using works, what discoveries I have made from the data and what are the next steps in my research.

You can check out the poster yourself below if you are unable to make it to the event on Thursday.


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