Calculating Affordances

Now has come the time to actually place all of my ideas down into words that somehow work together to prove my thesis. When I went to go about gathering all my newly researched information though I came upon an unexpected bump in the road. Despite spending a great deal of time on researching I found myself struggling to format my ideas in a way that made sense.

Therefore, I went to Dr Graham in search of some much needed advice. I told him I was struggling to figure out the differences between the physical book, or incunabula, and e-book. What he suggested was to come up with a list of affordances that each one offers to able bodied and disabled individuals to get my ideas flowing.

This was a fantastic idea! This has allowed me to better calculate the accessibility of format directly to each other by making a tables. These tables compared the physical benefit of utilizing a book for able bodied and disabled individuals for both the book and e-book. From this exercise I have been able to even broaden my perspective on physical affordances of both the physical book and the e-book. I have also discovered some surprising similarities and differences between each.

It will be interesting to see what I discover next in this project.

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