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As mentioned in the post “Learning To Share Your Work”, I have learned from Dr Graham that there is a great benefit to posting your finished work online. However, it is also being pointed out in his class now that there is a great benefit to posting your notes online as well. This way you can put your frustrations out there and allow your fellow academics to have the opportunity to help you. Perhaps someone in the community has had similar issues as you and has figured out a solution to that very same problem. I must admit I was a little nervous about posting my finished work online let alone my gibberish notes that I take when working. This is even more nerve-racking as it would seem to me that my notes would only make sense to me.

I must admit though that the concept does seem to make sense. So here goes nothing! These notes are what I wrote down thus far when completing the Programming Historian’s tutorial on how to use the Bash Command Line.

Digital History – Command Line Tutorial

First command worked fine, pwd brought up: /Users/hollispeirce
– Had trouble with the next 1s command
– for some reason it said “command not found”
– No matter what I do to get it to tell me the cd desktop command it says permission denied
– So apparently I was hitting the wrong thing it was “ls” not “1s”
– Learning the hard way that command line only handles one step at a time
– Entered “ls” again and it for some reason gave me a huge list of where i was
– now for some reason my print working directory (pwd) has changed
– Figured out to do absolutely everything separately and it is fairly easy to navigate around
– Following instruction implicitly and being sure to check where I am by typing “ls” to keep track of where I am is important
– Creating new files worked just fine now to try copying files
– A little confused by copying files as it has told me no such file or directory
– seem to have figured it out but not sure how i did it… ASK ABOUT THIS
– if you delete an item in the command line it is gone for good unlike simply moving an item to the trash bin
– deleted a file successfully but now need to look at deleting directories
– for some reason it keeps telling me “-rm: command not found” after typing “-rm -rf anotherdir/”
– am so confused by how to download a developer package.
– installed brew but forgot to press Return to complete the download
– so i tried re entering the download but it keeps saying “400 bad request” so i am reverting back a few steps and figuring out python
– saved python snippet to digital history folder for now as i cannot locate python
– managed to download the most up to date python from
– have successfully created a new directory to save python files into
– and i have successfully saved the snippet inside of it
– Learning thanks to the Bash tutorial what a “flag” is when dealing with the command line
– * flag makes the command line display the directory as a list of text files
– Tried to multiple of files and exclude others with the command: ls *-Scan1.jpeg , Scan2.jpeg , Scan3.jpeg but it failed.
– Am going to try to solve problem by moving commas around
– Not understanding the difference between the basic ls command and adding -1 or also h along with it as for me it just displays the directories in a list without the additional information it is supposed to
– Having trouble moving up and down through my file systems with cd whatever so i will have to investigate this further
– I tried jumping directly to my desired directory or file instead by typing in /users/hollispeirce1$/whatever but Terminal told me the same thing as it did with the other strategy: no such file or directory
– tried using the command: open whatever file . but it stated that that was not a line
– so i also tried another file with a one word title and it worked just fine so it may be that i am not writing the other titles correctly
– tried another file with a one word title and it worked just fine so that is definitely the problem
– using the tab button after writing half of the file name will prompt it to attempt auto complete and by using its subdirectories or files in the current directory
– Managed to download and save War and Peace from the gutenberg project website but for some reason it would not open up when i followed the instructions as directed by the tutorial INVESTIGATE THIS FURTHER
– did not get anywhere because of this with editing a file in the command line because of the above problems

Let me know if any of that makes sense, or if you know how to solve any of my problems!

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