Outline of Final Project

For my final project for Digital History (#hist5702w) I am building a game on Twine that takes themes from my honours thesis and puts them into a real world situation. The real world situation that I am choosing to work with is my own. So far it is a very basic concept in my head but I am hoping that it will develop into a game that will allow the player to gain a different perspective on how an individual with a physical disability gets through a post-secondary career.

To accomplish this goal I will create different options for the player/student to choose that will affect both the outcomes of their post-secondary career and their health. These options are based on my own experiences that I have gone through here in my career at Carleton University. Different options will include what format of textbook the student uses to whether or not they take notes in class themselves or have a note taker in class.

Again, this game will be created on Twine. At the present moment I have little experience with the program, for instance I know how to do basic things like create new links but I am hoping to work through the story and then perhaps work on background and other more advanced features later. For now though I will just continue on until the actual story is complete.

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