Daily Archives: August 11, 2016

Summer and Fall

This is amazing to me. Here I am at my on computer on a Thursday afternoon in August about to begin my Masters. My goal for my summer was to have a pleasant mix of adventure and relaxation to prepare me for the task that lay ahead in the fall. My plan worked.

Summer for me began with, as my last entry pointed to, with an absolutely amazing trip to Calgary. I then went to Philadelphia with my powerhockey team for our annual tournament, which was filled with fantastic competition and even a little historic site seeing. Finally I am about to embark upon a final weekend holiday to my favourite place in the world, New York City. In between all of these unbelievable trips I have enjoyed my relaxation time by listening to audiobooks by the river, and driving along the canal. What a summer it has been!

I am writing this blog entry today though because I have just registered for (what I have now learned thanks to my credits from last year) what are my two remaining classes before beginning my MRE or Thesis to complete my degree. What is amazing about this is that I was expecting to be working on this degree for what was to be the foreseeable future. Now though I am beginning with the extra motivation of being able to see the finish line.

This news was given to me yesterday from Dr Lipsett-Rivera. As she told me I was honestly so shocked I did not stop smiling for what seemed like a couple hours. Having the ability to finish up my classes and have the opportunity to experience being a TA all in two years blew my mind!

The History and Digital Humanities faculties at Carleton have been so accommodating and supportive of me that I cannot thank them enough. They have helped me navigate the program to best suit my needs, as well as answer any questions or concerns that I have. Learning how to arrange things so that I can experience being a TA despite the limits placed on to me by my disability.

I cannot wait to dive in to the deep end of the adventure that is before me. It may be much shorter than I was expecting it to be, but that simply means that I will savour every moment.