Daily Archives: September 6, 2015

Taking the Next “Step”

For most university students, moving out and gaining more independence at residence occurs at a natural rate after high school. For someone like myself though, moving out and away from that high level of support can be a major step that takes that much more time to prepare for. In fact, my situation led me to not only wait a couple years but until after my first degree!

This was not only surprising to some of my friends, who despite being disabled like me moved in to residence in their first year, was surprising to me. However, it was surprising to me not for the fact that I waited until after my undergraduate degree (because to me it never felt right at the time) but because I never felt as though I would move at all.

This is because when I was growing up I always had the feeling that I would be living with my parents for the rest of my life. Ideas like this came to me in a multiple of ways, for the most part though it was because I felt comfortable where I was with my family and couldn’t imagine the frustrations that arise as an adult living with your parents. On top of it all when my parents separated it became quite apparent to me that I would need to become comfortable with some other living situation in the near future.

What I did not know then was that the “near future” was a lot nearer than I could ever imagine. Just last February for instance I was in my kitchen having a casual conversation with my mom that led me to take the first step towards stepping (ok rolling) out on my own. The Carleton University Attendent Services Program suddenly seemed to be the perfect fit for me as it offered me the independence I was desiring and continue my academic career at the same time.

It has now been one week of living here and my experiences have been nothing but positive. I have been surrounded by positive energy and familiar faces that have made me feel excited about trying out a new living situation in a familiar environment. Just one week in it has led me to do more things independently than ever before including shocking my sister by bumping into her at a packed crowd getting geared up for an AC/DC concert. If this is just what I have been able to do in week one, I am eager to find out the rest of the year has in store.