Daily Archives: November 25, 2014

Thesis Update 2000: Paradigm Shift

Hurdle number two has now been tackled! Two thousand words in and “The Evolution of the Digitization of History: Making History Accessible” is beginning to look like a thesis. To this point I have lightly touched on the incunabula and have begun to discuss the e-book. For the most part though I have been writing about how as well as why evolutions of different technologies happen.

The most helpful source in doing so has been John Lutz’s “Riding the Horseless Carriage to the Computer Revolution: Teaching History in the Twenty-First Centuryā€¯. In it Lutz speaks about how when technological revolutions occur, it is not the invention itself that causes the revolution. Instead, it is the idea that brings about a paradigm shift.

Such a paradigm shift is exactly the focus of my paper. Why and how did the physicality of the incunabula develop? Why does the e-book try so hard to emulate the physicality of the book? More of these answers are being discovered everyday of this project. Lets see what is discovered next…