Daily Archives: October 21, 2014

Speeding To A New Velocity

Taking notes and keeping track of them has always been difficult for me. Seeing as I cannot move them around on a table to see multiple pages at a time, I have had to train myself to remember my previous notes in order to put together a more solid argument. Thanks to Dr Graham though, this is no longer the case.

During our last meeting he introduced me to an application called Notational Velocity. This application helps you see your notes at one time on the computer without scrolling through pages of notes on other applications such as Microsoft Word or Pages. All you need to do is write a title of your note and Notational Velocity keeps track of the body of your notes so that as you are writing it will pull up previous notes that relate to your present note. It is very similar in other words, to grabbing different pages out of a binder of notes and moving them around to make more sense of them. This is so helpful in writing a paper because it is so much easier to formulate ideas with previous ones and make links between them.

Writing this project on the evolution of technology has been so great as it has opened my mind to so many different ways of doing things. I always knew that I would discover more information on the book and the different ways it has been produced, I did not anticipate new ways of going about my academic work though. This has been a very pleasant surprise indeed.