Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

Flow Chart

Had a great meeting with Dr Graham yesterday that pushed me farther in right direction.  Similarly to Scalar, he has told me about other programs that can help me map out the conversations had at THATCamp Accessibility in a much more advanced visual way.  So I will have to take a look at those soon.

Another great thing that I am finding through this project is new connections that I am making.  Dr Graham has recently put me in touch with Dr Moravec of Rosemont College in Philadelphia.  She is a fellow Digital Historian who has done much work on the politic’s of women’s culture.  This is a great contact to have as she has much experience with authoring on Scalar, and has already provided me with much appreciated advice.

Advice number one was to be organized!  In order to do so I am creating a flow chart to keep my thoughts in order.  Of course even this has led me to new ideas but it is helping me stay on track for sure.