Daily Archives: February 5, 2014

Authoring On Scalar

My most recent venture has been to actually experience working on Scalar.  Therefore I have began authoring my first book!  While it is not nearly as impressive as it sounds, I feel as though it has the potential to be pretty cool.

Starting your first book on Scalar though does not seem to be as easy one might anticipate.  For example, the program allows you to create paths within your book so that different pages can be related to one another.  From my immediate understanding these relationships are created through keywords that send the reader to a related page, however I am having difficulty figuring out how to establish such a relationship.

On my introduction page where I discuss how the idea for the book came about.   I then go on to mention that the book will focus on how technology is making history more accessible.  Therefore, seeing as accessibility is going to be a major topic of my book, and is at the centre point of this whole project, I am trying to make it a tag or a path to another page.  As I write this I have created a new page titled ‘Accessibility’  but I will have to continue to putter around with it to fully understand how to create a successful tag.